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The BRICE MENSAH collections bear a unique handwriting that does not hide the author's admiration for the icons of fashion history - Madeleine Vionnet and Madame Grés. Their legacy, for its timelessness and relevance in every age, is a great inspiration for his work. The natural form of the material, which is not disturbed by violent interventions in its structure, is the starting point and characteristic point of each of his creations.

The BRICE MENSAH brand, created by the Czech clothing designer of the same name, represents a unique concept of luxury. Elegant and uncomplicated silhouettes, simple but refined cuts, pampering materials are all typical features of the creation, which is backed by a high portion of handmade work and the associated limited supply. The unique design combined with high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship leads to an emphasis on mature yet youthful femininity.

BRICE MENSAH dresses a woman whose only measure is the awareness of her own personality and her strength. The ability to appreciate style, quality and the understanding of fashion as an awareness of one's own body in the context of the life it leads. A woman dressed by Brice Mensah is reservedly sensual, partly due to the power of her charisma, which allows her to take things in stride and not always succumb to convention.

Brice Mensah studied at prestigious schools in Basel, Switzerland (University of Art and Design) and Prague (UMPRUM) and his work has received numerous awards in professional circles.

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